Human Resource policy

Strategic recruitment

Interwork identifies high level professionals around the world, who not only have the required experience in specialized fields, but also cultural affinity and loyalty towards their organization. Our recruitment process is supported by inquiries of professional and personal capacities and is designed to attract the best available talents in the market. We not just offer our clients a list of potential clients; we also apply headhunting strategies and use benchmarking techniques in order to find the best match for both the client and candidates.

Each search process for professionals is based on three phases:

  • planning
  • Implementation
  • Closure


After an in-depth inquiry with the client on its needs for professional strengthening, we analyze its goals and organizational culture. Based of the outcome of this process we define the profile(s) of the ideal candidate(s). A preliminary investigation is made in order to assure that the assignment is feasible. Than finally the recruitment strategy is developed together with the client who can choose from a broad range of methodologies on the local, national or international level.


The potential candidates’ competencies are profoundly scrutinized, evaluating qualifications, motivation, personality and interests. Professional and personal performances are analyzed, a profound reference inquiry takes place and if necessary a strengths and weakness analysis of the candidate will be elaborated. All this information will be processed and presented in the evaluation report with a tailor-made structure for every function. The candidates that match the requirements will be invited for a first interview with the client. The number of candidates to be invited is determined by the client.


Once the client has taken its decision over the right candidate, both will start negotiations on the labor contract and other conditions related to it. After the contract has been signed and the selected candidate has started his or her job, Interwork stays in contact with both the employer and the new employee to assure a smooth integration of the latter in the organization or company.


Our company has successfully proven that direct search of professionals is an effective and competitive selection alternative. An extensive data base of highly qualified professionals gives us the opportunity to approach very rapidly a certain number of persons that match the requirements of a special function and bring them in contact with our client.

Human Resource Planning

We advise organizations and companies in the establishment of a Human Resource Planning System, which allows the client to contract its employees efficiently according to their business policy and future projections.


The objective of outplacement is to coach a professional or a group of professionals as a kind of exit strategy from their current organization or company. Special methods are applied in order to disconnect a person from its former employer with the least possible emotional damage. The Interwork outplacement method includes the following activities:

  1. Personal coaching to identify strengths and weaknesses in one’s personality.
  2. Formulation of a Professional Development Plan (PDP), defining personal and professional targets and strategies to reach them.
  3. Introduction to local and national networks connected to labor markets
  4. Training in curriculum vitae (CV) design and writing
  5. Training in facing application interviews and assessment techniques