Compensation and Performance Management

We assist companies and organizations in:

  • Competence based personnel Management
  • Individual and team evaluations
  • Compensation Strategies

Competence based personnel Management

The purpose of Competence based personnel Management is to provide a company or an organization a Personnel Policy that includes the different phases of human resource management. It starts with the elaboration of the function description, with clear responsibilities and expected results, to be followed by establishing procedures related to recruitment, selection, job orientation and personal development plans.

Evaluation System

The evaluation system combines interviews for functioning and evaluation and is part of the company’s Personnel Policy. The purpose is to assist employees in their professional development, as well as the company in reaching its goals. The result of the functioning and evaluation system can be an agreement signed by both the employer and employee to improve some specific performances of the employee and also the measures to be taken in this respect. Interwork helps companies and organizations to set up an evaluation system that allows a continuous improvement of the organizational culture leading to more entrepreneurial performances based on initiative and creativity.

Compensation Strategies

This strategy is mainly related to salary of the employee, as well as possible incentives and other financial benefits. This is generally known as the “total financial compensation package”. On the other hand the strategy can provide non-financial benefits, although always represent a certain financial value. These non-financial benefits contribute undoubtedly to the well-being of the employee and his of her family and hence to a better performance of the employee.

Interwork can assist the company or organization in establishing a competitive salary and compensation strategy by making a salary benchmarking among competitors operating within the same regional or national territory.