Management development and training

  • Organizational climate assessment
  • Strategic planning
  • Accompanying business missions
  • Simultaneous translation (English, Spanish, German, Dutch)

Organizational climate assessment gives insights in how leadership styles, communication processes and human resource strategies impact on personnel and on their integration in the organization culture. It is essential to maintain an appropriate organization climate. With problematic labor relations employee’s performances will diminish both individu ally and as teams which obviously affects the company’s competitiveness.

Through a specially designed survey information is gathered from all actors involved, which will be used to present reports on strong and weak points within the company or organization. This method is one of the most appropriate tools to build visionary organizations and effective work teams.

Strategic planning allows organizations to define objectives on the mid and long term with expected results and strategies to achieve them. The Interwork experts apply innovative participative methodologies to facilitate and coherent strategic plan according to the needs and the available means of the organization or company.

Accompanying business missions for foreign enterprises, searching for commercial contacts. Our experts supply the following services:

  • Logistics: seminar organization, hotels, transport, publicity, visas, etc.
  • Organization of visits to companies, institutes and organizations
  • Market surveys and economic feasibility studies
  • Constant updates on national business climate development

For simultaneous interpreting (English, Spanish, German, Dutch) we have experienced professionals, both written and spoken, to assist missions in workshops and business visits.